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Are you someone who has seen our videos and you feel like you KIND OF know how to use your tools... but can't quite connect all the dots together? If yes, then this beginner video course is right for you! Get instant lifetime access to our 6 video modules tutoria-style that will teach you: - How to use each tool - In what order and how often to use each tool - What movements should you be doing with your gua sha and for how long - The dos and don'ts for using each tool - Correct direction and technique for each tool - A deeper understanding of how each tool works (and you'll see exactly why we're so passionate about what we do... because, when used right, natural rejuvenation really works!) You'll be asked to create a quick profile and you'll have lifetime access to these videos as we truly believe this will help you truly integrate elements of natural rejuvenation into your beauty routine. The program is video-only, with each video long enough to deeply educate you on each topic without being too long, and you can complete this course at your own pace! Invest in yourself by learning the JU-ENE Technique. Get acquainted with your tools, familiarize yourself with the JU-ENE techniques and create your alternative anti-aging regimen. This makes it easy to seamlessly integrate our techniques into your daily routine and start seeing visible results, faster.

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