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Image by Jocelyn Morales

1/ JU-ENE Facial Therapy Express

The Ju-ene Facial Therapy Experience
This facial massage is nothing you would expect. It's an authentic therapeutic experience for your mind, soul and face.
First starting with Somatic meditation to help recognize your body awareness of where your holding tension in your body and life. Move on to the Ju-ene face sculpting massage, then to the inner oral massage (Buccal Massage) with our finishing touches using the facial cups to boost the blood flow and our gua sha routine to drain the lymphatic system.

2 / Add on Micro-needling Neck and Decollete

With age, women experience a decline in skin elasticity, leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, which can be attributed to a decrease in collagen production and sun damage. The décolletage area, encompassing the chest and cleavage, is particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of UV damage and rapid aging. If ignored, it can reveal a woman's age while her face belies it. This area is delicate and prone to stress from breast weight, movement, and frequent UV damage. The skin here demands as much attention as the eye area. 

2 / Add on Micro-needling Neck area

The primary benefit to Microneedling on the neck is Collagen production. Microneedling can help to increase Collagen production by 200%. It enhances the Texture of Skin, Shrinks Pores, Reduces Scarring, Firms Up Skin and Smoothens Fine Lines and Wrinkles. Additionally, it Stimulates the Natural Production of Collagen and Elastin in Your Skin to Help You Look Youthful as You Age.



The Gua Sha technique can also be used for acne-prone, congested skin due to its ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage & help detoxify the skin. 


This treatment can be used to combat ageing skin by smoothing wrinkles, enabling the skin to self-hydrate and deliver colour, oxygen & nutrients to the skin through increased microcirculation. It firms, lifts, & tones the skin while smoothing, pumping and brightening for a youthful & healthy appearance. 


Another amazing property of Gua Sha is reduced inflammation. That’s because it can promote cooling & draw the heat out of the skin. 

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