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Image by Jocelyn Morales


The Gua Sha Facial is an alternative beauty therapy that involves the gentle scraping of your skin with a jade or rose quartz massage tool to improve your circulation & lymphatic flow.


Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha (pronounced as “gwah-shah”) has been used to treat various ailments for over 3,000 years.  Its benefits go far beyond relaxation & reduced tension. Not to mention, East Asian medicine places value in the energy that certain objects carry, and materials like jade and rose quartz are known to carry healing energy. 


The Gua Sha technique can also be used for acne-prone, congested skin due to its ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage & help detoxify the skin. 


This treatment can be used to combat ageing skin by smoothing wrinkles, enabling the skin to self-hydrate and deliver colour, oxygen & nutrients to the skin through increased microcirculation. It firms, lifts, & tones the skin while smoothing, pumping and brightening for a youthful & healthy appearance. 


Another amazing property of Gua Sha is reduced inflammation. That’s because it can promote cooling & draw the heat out of the skin. 

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