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"JU-ENE" is a French term that, when translated into English, means youthfulness or rejuvenation. We believe that rejuvenation is about so much more than visible signs of ageing. With the levels of stress pushed onto us by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often feel like we're ageing from the inside. Internal ageing can present itself in the form of exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, brain fog, etc. This is why we believe that, in order to feel truly rejuvenated, we must take care of our bodies and minds. 

At JU-ENE, we offer a variety of services and tools to help you relax and recharge, as well as resolve any skin issues you are having naturally

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JU-ENE (3).png



Kristy has been teaching yoga and offering beauty treatments to clients under her previous name Natural Beauty by K for the last 15 years. The birth of JU-ENE presented the perfect opportunity to expand her services and seamlessly integrate them with custom beauty tools & education resources for women all around the globe.


"For many years, I've tried to resist my ageing process with fillers & botox – all in an attempt to hide the story that was being written on my face by lines of emotion and ageing. I mean, listen, if you are someone who loves botox and fillers, I totally get you, girl! This is just my backstory as to why I searched to find the most effective natural anti-ageing treatments that can illuminate and regenerate your skin from the inside out". 



Founder of Luxury Hair Club and now JU-ENE, Justine has been creating her mark in the beauty industry from a young age. With a knack for branding and a passion for the beauty industry, she has branded multiple salons and product lines.


With her other companies, she has sought after the best manufacturers out there to create a luxurious high-quality product line to offer her clientele. Her passion for branding and drive to have the best on the market will bring forth authenticity and beautiful products, she will always be dedicated to sourcing high-quality items to bring to your beauty regime.

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