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Facial Cups
  • Facial Cups




    The two triangular cups are designed to target the smaller curvatures of the face. Face cupping massage helps tone, lift & define facial contours, reduce puffiness, improve the appearance of fine lines and deeper lines (laugh lines & crows feet), give your brows a natural lift, boost collagen & suppleness, help relieve tired eyes, reduce the appearance of undereye bags and puffiness/dark circles, naturally enhance and volumize lips, relax facial tension and tightness & improve absorption and effectiveness of skin care products! And that’s just to name a few... 



    The two bell-shaped cups are perfect for use on the body. Athletes and sports enthusiasts often place cups on the muscles targeted by their workouts as part of their wind down ritual. Body cupping can help release the tensions stored in the body, therefore preventing future tensions/aches. Office workers or those working from home can also utilize the larger cups to prevent and relieve back pain. All people from different walks of life can enjoy their ability to rejuvenate the skin by smoothing out lines and lending their skin a healthy glow. Our personal favourite is using cupping massage for Lymphatic Drainage. Use daily as a workout for skin that appears chiselled, fresh, plump, and reinvigorated.

    With four different sizes and two shapes, these high-quality silicone cups are designed to target a variety of issues on the face and/or body, including:


    - Fine lines & wrinkles 

    - Dark circles 

    - Dull skin 

    - Dehydrated skin 

    - Large pores 

    - Puffiness & swelling 

    - Acne 

    - Lymphatic obstruction (backed-up lymphatic system) 


    The silicone cups we use are made of medical grade silicone, a material that’s odorless, pliable, flexible, and durable. These qualities ensure that the cups are soft and elastic, making them easy to squeeze and allowing the user to control the degree of suction. Our silicone cups are also thick enough to provide superior adherence.

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