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Ju-ene Facial Therapy Experience


Experience is truly unique. Instead of an ordinary facial, it offers a therapeutic experience that targets the mind, soul, and face. Our facial muscles hold immense emotion and tension through expressions, so we start by incorporating Somatic meditation to increase body awareness and recognize where tension resides within your body and life. The experience then progresses to our signature Ju-ene face sculpting massage, followed by the inner oral massage (Buccal Massage) and concluding with the facial cups, boosting blood flow, and our gua sha routine to drain the lymphatic system. One treatment alone yields visible, remarkable results, but we recommend new customers try four treatments, using them once per week, and then adopt a monthly maintenance approach. 


Improved or prevented TMJ (temporomandibular joint) conditions

 Facial Lifting

A substitute for Botox and fillers

Increased collagen production

Improved blood flow for the skin

✓ Enhanced body awareness all lead to bolstered self-love.

Buccal massage intraoral

*Elements of lymphatic drainage are included in each Buccal Massage treatment, as well as décolleté,   shoulders, scalp and neck massage. 

*Regular treatments are recommended to maintain the results long-term.

Praised as “the ultimate facelift alternative” without going under the knife, the Facial Sculpting + Lifting Massage massage is the most non-invasive anti-ageing tool and it’s the elements of Buccal massage that make it so effective.


The term “Buccal” (derived from the Latin word ‘bucca’, for ‘cheek) is just as exotic as the technique, which involves massaging muscles deep inside the cheek and jaw area to release tension, improve circulation, and – of course – promote youthful-looking skin. Both preventative and corrective, buccal massage (pronounced “buckle”) is a highly specialized treatment that blends (1) facial sculpting massage and (2) intraoral (inside the mouth) massage.


The “secret ingredient” of this advanced and innovative treatment is deep pressure points & lymphatic-based massage movements. Buccal massage stimulates a deep release of tightness in facial muscles, as well as relaxation of surface tension. 







  • How long will my order take?
    Canada Standard Shipping ................. 2-8 business days Express Shipping .................. 1-3 business days​ United States Standard Shipping ............... 4-12 business days Express Shipping .............. 2-4 business days International Countries outside of Canada & USA may experience longer delivery times. Please see your tracking information for a more accurate estimate. *Estimates are approximate. Actual delivery times may vary due to various factors and are subject to change without Notice. Please refer to your tracking information, as well as the Canada Post website for further details and most up-to-date information. *Business days include Mon-Fri, excluding Statutory Holidays. No delivery on weekends.
  • My product was damaged
    If you receive a damaged item, please contact us within 4 DAYS of delivery and do not throw it away as we will require proof that the item has been damaged (for example images e-mailed to us of the damaged item). We will ensure that we pack your order with the greatest of care and consideration of safety. But in the circumstance of your order arriving in a damaged state of items or error of goods received, you can contact support at and discuss replacements of goods. Please note: photo evidence is required to receive any refunds or exchange accommodations.
  • I received the wrong product
    If you have received an incorrect item DO NOT OPEN IT. We will not accept any returns or provide refunds of items that have been opened, tampered with, or not in their original condition.
  • I accidentally ordered the wrong item
    Should you make an error when ordering online, we can exchange or cancel your item if it has not been dispatched yet. To initiate this, please contact us ASAP here. If you did not realize this until you received the item, please also fill out our contact form and we will assist you as soon as we can. Don't open/use/unpackage the item and make sure to keep your receipt. You MUST contact us within 4 days of delivery.
  • What delivery options do you offer?
    We use Canada Post Expedited Parcel (Standard Shipping) & Canada Post Xpresship (Express Shipping), in addition to our Free Local Pickup option available for those living in Edmonton, AB. Click here to learn more.
  • Can I track my package?
    Yes. Every package will have a tracking number that will be shared with you as soon as the order is dispatched and the shipping label is created. You can find this tracking number in your 2nd email from us that is sent out when the order is shipped.
  • Is my Shipping Fee refundable?
    Shipping is non-refundable as the label has already been created and used. However, if you meet our Refund requirements, we would be more than happy to refund the full amount, minus the shipping fee.
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