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Oak Wood & Boar Bristle Dual-Use Sauna Brush
  • Oak Wood & Boar Bristle Dual-Use Sauna Brush


    Discover the ultimate skin rejuvenation with our Oak Wood & Boar Bristle Dual-Use Sauna Brush, expertly designed for dry and wet exfoliation. Crafted from the finest oak wood and featuring natural boar bristles of medium firmness, this brush is your ally in removing dead skin cells, stimulating circulation, and promoting healthy, glowing skin. Its versatile design allows for gentle yet effective exfoliation across all skin types, ensuring a smoother, more radiant complexion with every stroke. Embrace the art of traditional skin care with this luxurious sauna brush, perfect for enhancing your daily wellness ritual.


    Material: wood, boar bristles.

    Oak boar bristle brush for dry and wet skin exfoliation. Features boar bristles with medium firmness.


    Material: wood, boar bristles.

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